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Comments from Successful Entry-Level/Promotional Students:

  • "I purchased your workbook for the Las Vegas Fire Department.  Although the time left was very short and although I work two jobs, I was able to score 99% on the recent Las Vegas exam!  I have 13 years' experience as a firefighter and engineer and in no way does my experience and education give me an advantage in the area of entrance exams because the days of the standard civil service exam seem to be over.  I find that the use of specialized study guides such as those you offer are imperative for one to be a viable candidate in today's highly competitive market.  Once again, thank you very much for a fine product and service." 
  • "Your preparatory materials were worth every penny.  It was my lifetime goal to become an Austin firefighter – your exam prep was just what I needed when test day came around.  Thanks again for all of your help and a great study guide!"
  • "I had taken a promotional exam about 5 years ago.  I went in unprepared and thought that I could just wing it with all my experience as a good firefighter.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  This time, I purchased your product, which was recommended to me by another officer who finished number one on his exam in a neighboring city, and I went to work.  This time, I blew my competition away.  Everyone in my department was amazed at the difference – I finished number one on my exam by over 3 percentage points."
  •  "I bought your FPSI preparation manual and want to thank you so much.  I recently took a test for the city of DuPont and scored a 96.8% - compared to my previous score of 85% for the city of Tacoma.  I just wanted to thank you guys very much!"
  • "I took the FireTeam exam twice and failed miserably.  My dream department was testing and there was no way I was going to score that low again.  I did an internet search and found your exam prep.  My exam score increased dramatically and put me in the top 5 on the eligibility list.  I really can't say thank you enough!"
  • "I made the mistake of going into an earlier examination unprepared. I scored an 82% on my exam and never made it farther in the examination process. For my next examination, I purchased your workbook and my score increased to 98%!"
  • "Great preparation!  I would never have become a New York firefighter without your material.  The exam prep was just amazing.  Thank you so much!"
  • "Amazing similarity between the test materials and the actual test.  Your practice examinations helped me to reach my goal of becoming a Los Angeles firefighter."
  • "The exam prep for Stress Tolerance, Team Orientation and Motivation/Attitude alone was well worth the price I paid!  I would have paid 5 times this amount to have this kind of insight into the exam."
  • "Your Subordinate Counseling exam prep was dead on.  I took the time to practice and followed the step-by-step instructions.  The best part of the book was the numerous examples of statements on what to say.  I was #1 on my exam – the 2nd person was 5 points behind me!"
  •  "I took the I/O Solutions exam previously and finished with a very disappointing score of 82%.  My dream department was testing and there was no way I was going to score that low again.  I did an internet search and found your exam prep.  My score increased to 96.4%, which put me #1 on the eligibility list.  I really can't say thank you enough!"
  • "I went unprepared for four examinations in which Understanding Oral Information was part of the test.  When I walked into the examination, I didn't know what to expect.  I thought I could take notes, realized I couldn't, and tried to remember everything which was very hard for me.  Your program helped me realize the mistakes I was making and I now have the confidence to go into this type of examination.  I have two upcoming examinations and I can't wait for them and blow my competition away!" 
  • "I want to thank you for helping me overcome this difficult part of the exam process which has really hampered me from increasing my score. I took your practice examinations, paid attention to your strategies and am now either acing all 20 questions or getting 19 out of 20. I have moved myself up from finishing in the middle half of the candidates to now finishing in the top 5%. Thank you!"
  • "Thank you so much for offering this type of practice examination. I searched the internet looking for something that would help me improve my scores; when I came across your web site it was a God send. When I took this type of examination, I was acing the other parts and only getting at most 15 out of the 20 questions right for the Understanding Oral Information portion. I have now taken 3 examinations and my test scores are as follows: 97.5, 98.2, and 97.9. I have put myself in the top 10 on each of these examinations. I'll keep you posted as I go through the rest of the hiring process. Thank you again!"
  • "I used your CHW test guide and scored well above the cutoff margin for the department I'm applying to. Your material is fantastic and I plan to continue using it as I pursue a fire fighter career."
  • I am thrilled to say that I have made it through so far, and I have now been invited to participate in the "Catwalk" for Sac Metro fire dept. I will begin the academy in mid-Feb. (any tips on the academy?) I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Can you believe I was up against 1,400 other applicants and got hired on even though I'm only an EMT? (believe me I studied and prepped and studied and trained and studied and practiced so I would be completely prepared - my friends all thought I was nuts because I prepared so much, but I think that is what it takes . . .and it worked!).  Wish me luck . . . I will email again when I get my badge so I can thank you again!!!  Thanks again!
  • "The practice examinations gave me the edge and extra confidence to excel on the examination."
  • "After preparing with Don McNea Fire School materials, I felt very confident going into the examination. If I do get hired by the Columbus Division of Fire, Don McNea Fire School will be a major contributor."
  • "Don McNea Fire School preparatory examinations gave me the proper mind-set for the entrance examination and prevented me from making mistakes I would have made if I would not have attended the class."
  • "Great preparation. With all the information given to me, I am certain it was an asset on the actual test."
  • "Your exam prep made taking the actual examination less stressful. I feel like I had a competitive edge over a lot of people. The people who prepare with Don McNea Fire School examinations show a serious overall commitment to becoming a firefighter."
  • "Just amazing preparation.  I don't know how else to phrase it.  I put in a lot of time preparing like you said, going through each of the steps.  The suggestions you gave for every topic on what to do and what to say absolutely made the difference.  I practiced, practiced, and practiced and was ready for every question the oral board asked.  When I answered the questions, the answers just came out of me naturally after all the practice I put in.  Thanks again – I am forever grateful."
  •  "There wasn't a point that I missed on my tactical scenario.  It walked me through every part of my presentation.  There wasn't a point that I missed in my scenario.  I took the exam with 55 other people - I was the only one to receive a perfect score on the tactical exam.  I owe it all to your exam prep.  I have already been asked how I did it and I pointed some prospective candidates in your direction for the next exam."
  •  "I first started preparing by coming to your website and reading your Assessment Center articles.  Then I thought to myself that if I'm going to be serious about preparing for this exam, I needed to purchase your Oral Interview Exam Prep.  Your statement that 90% of applicants never prepare and the 10% that do represent those that get the job was true – I'm now in that 10%.  Thank you – I finished number one on my exam and will be promoted to Captain.: 

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Don McNea Fire School's Assessment Center Exam Preparation has been put together by Fire Chiefs who are nationally-recognized authors and who have been assessors for thousands of assessment center examinations.

As always, all of our Assessment Center Exam Prep products come with a no-risk guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of the product cost – no questions asked.


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