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Firefighter Jobs Newsletter #19

Are you interested in obtaining the competitive edge required to be successful in your goal of becoming a firefighter or being promoted to an officer's position within your department?  Since 1950, Don McNea Fire School's seminars, entry-level and promotional products have prepared over 40,000 applicants in their pursuit of becoming a firefighter or an officer.'s entry-level newsletter, which now has over 16,000 members, is about YOU BEING THE BEST - THE BEST PREPARED AND BEST INFORMED!  This periodic newsletter will concentrate on the complete firefighter and officer examination testing process.  We suggest that you start a notebook or 3-ring binder of our newsletters so that you can periodically review them in your examination preparation.

If you would like to review our past newsletters, go to and click on "Past Newsletters."

By receiving this newsletter, you will receive - AT NO CHARGE - notices of firefighter examinations being held across the country.  We will also enroll you in our weekly drawing for a free copy of our Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations and Psychological Exam Preparation Audiotape or CD and Workbook.

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Fax:  440-572-5971

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1. New Q&A Section! 

2. Oral Interview Skills: Closing Statement - Capt. Bob Smith

3. FREE 50 question practice examination!

4. 14-day FREE email series!

5. Las Vegas Fire Applicants - Oral Interview Exam

6. APPLY NOW!  City of Austin, TX, Fire Exam

7. APPLY NOW!  City of Cincinnati, OH, Fire Exam

8. APPLY NOW!  City of Dallas, TX, Fire Exam

9. APPLY NOW!  Washington, DC, Fire Exam

10. Additional Current Exam Announcements

11. Upcoming Exams in the Next 1-4 Months

12. Preparatory Products

1. New Q&A Section!

We have added a new page to both of our websites, and  This is an in-depth question and answer segment supplied by the nation's top entry-level authors. 

Below is a sample question:

Should I get my paramedic certification or my two-year degree first?

I'm interested in becoming a firefighter and I happened to read the letter, "You Want To Become A Firefighter, Should You become a Paramedic?"  Should I get my two-year degree in Fire Technology first before becoming a paramedic?  Should I get my EMT certificate before getting into a paramedic program?

We strongly recommend that if you are deciding between a 2-year degree and your paramedic certificate, that you work towards your paramedic certification.  Many municipalities are currently requiring applicants to either be certified paramedics or to be in paramedic school to take the exam.  Your goal is to have the credentials that cities are requiring to be able to take the examination and to put yourself in a position to be hired.  Less than 1% of municipalities across the country require you to have a 2 or 4-year degree to take a firefighter examination.

Click on the link below to review our indepth Q&A Section:

2. Oral Interview Skills: Closing Statement - Capt. Bob Smith

Closing Statement

There are those who would tell you to raise the flag and beat the drum with a lot of fanfare in your closing statement. Please spare us this part.

As was mentioned above the closing and the opening question tell us a little about yourself aren't usually if ever scored.

Understand, if you haven't done it in the body of your oral presentation, you're not going to make it up in the closing. REPEATING, IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE IT IN THE BODY OF YOUR ORAL PRESENTATION, YOU'RE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT UP IN THE CLOSING! We had a candidate who tried to show us all his certificates during his closing. 

Don't forget that the closing part of an interview is where you call on the emotions of the interviewers to give you the job. Don't reiterate or try to do repair work. Use only the key points not already covered in your script. Without being boring or lengthily, tell the interviews why you really want the job and, with your qualifications, hope to be considered for the position.

Then shut up and get out of the building. Or, you will say something stupid. We had a guy one day ace his oral. After his closing, he said, "Well, if I don't get this job I can always fall back on that part time painters job." The panel couldn't believe what this guy just said after acing his oral. Did it hurt his score? Enough to keep him from getting a shot at a badge. Last time I heard, he was still painting

Additional information on Capt Bob's CD/DVD Oral Interview Program can be found at the link below


3. FREE 50 question practice examination!

Go to the link below to start gaining that competitive edge over your competition!

4. 14-day FREE email series!

If you want to start getting that competitive edge immediately over your competition, our 14 day FREE e-mail series covers the written, psychological, oral interview and physical agility. This e-mail series will guide you step by step through the maze of the testing process to help you shorten that learning curve between you and that coveted badge. As soon as you sign-up you will receive the first e-mail with important inside secrets. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!! Good luck!!!! ml


5. Las Vegas Fire Applicants - Oral Interview Exam

Congratulations to those of you who scored well on the 2006 Firefighter Exam!  Don't wait to start preparing for the oral interview portion of the hiring process.  Get a jump on your competition NOW!  Remember that luck goes to the prepared!  Click on the link below to learn about Capt Bob's Oral Interview Preparation:

For those of you who are preparing for the Las Vegas CPAT test, go to the links below for exam preparation:


6. APPLY NOW!  City of Austin, TX, Fire Exam

The written exam is March 25th for the City of Austin.  Austin began accepting applications on Monday, February 13, and will continue until February 24th.  Completed applications must be submitted by February 24th.  See the following link for more information:

Don McNea Fire School has prepared at-home preparatory packages for this examination, check our website after February 24th to review our preparatory packages!


7. APPLY NOW!  City of Cincinnati, OH, Fire Exam

The written exam is scheduled for March 25, 2006.  Online applications are being accepted.  See the following link to apply:

Don McNea Fire School has preparatory packages for this examination to help you prepare!  Visit the link below for details:


8. APPLY NOW!  City of Dallas, TX, Fire Exam

Dallas is accepting applications beginning February 21 through March 3.  An online application is available at the link below:

Don McNea Fire School will be offering preparatory packages for this exam.  Check our website in the next 1-2 weeks for the most current information!


9. APPLY NOW!  Washington, DC, Fire Exam

The Washington DC Exam has been announced for May 20, 2006.  Applications are now available.  Only the first 1500 completed applications submitted on March 26 will be accepted!

Visit the following link for information:,a,1216,q,634532.asp

Don McNea Fire School will be conducting either a preparatory seminar or offering at-home preparatory packages.  Keep checking our website for details!

10. Additional Current Exam Announcements

City of Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Fire Exam

Written exam is scheduled for March 20, 2006.  Applications are available until March 8, 2006, by faxing request to 330-971-8353 or visit the following link for more information:

City of University Heights, OH, Firefighter/Paramedic Exam

Written exam will be administered on April 8, 2006.  Only 100 applications will be accepted!  Applications available beginning February 13 - call 216-932-7800, ext. 223, for more information.

City of Burbank, CA, Fire Exam

Application deadline: Feb. 24th 2006. Go to the link below for additional information:

 City of Savannah, GA, Fire Exam

Applications must be received by 2:00 pm, on Thursday, March 2, 2006.  Applications will be accepted between the hours of 8:30 am-2:00 pm. 

Contact information:  City of Savannah Human Resources Dept, PO Box 1027, Savannah, GA  31402, 912-651-6484

Los Angeles, CA, Fire Exam Prep

The city of Los Angeles is now testing monthly!  Click here: coll=la-headlines-california

Don McNea Fire School has preparation packages to help you prepare for this examination!  Visit the link below for details:


11. Upcoming Exams in the Next 1-4 Months

City of Phoenix, AZ, Fire Exam

Phoenix's application period is from March 6-10, 2006. The written exam has been scheduled for April 19, 2006. For more information on the requirements, click below:

City of Columbus, OH, Fire Exam

The city of Columbus, Ohio, has announced their plans to hold an entrance examination in the Spring of 2006.  The application period is from April 24-May 12, 2006.

For more examination information from the City of Columbus, please visit the link below:

Don McNea Fire School has conducted preparatory classes for the last 5 Columbus Firefighter Examinations with extremely successful results.  We will once again be conducting preparatory classes.  Please keep checking our website for the most current information!

State of Massachusetts Fire Exam, including the city of Boston, MA

The state of Massachusetts will be conducting a firefighter examination on June 10, 2006.

Application deadline is April 24, 2006.  You may apply online at:

City of Chicago, IL, Firefighter Exam

Starting salary for a firefighter is over $44,838 per year with a raise after six months. The job offers competitive benefits, continuing education, reimbursement for college tuition and the opportunity for career advancement. The 2006 Chicago Firefighter Exam will be held on May 25 and 26.  Applications will be available from March 29 through April 11.

More information is available at

Don McNea Fire School conducted preparatory classes for the last Chicago Firefighter Examination in 1995 with extremely successful results.  We will once again be conducting preparatory classes for the upcoming Chicago Firefighter Examination.  Please keep checking our website for the most current information!

City of San Antonio, TX, Fire Exam

The City of San Antonio will be holding a fire exam in late spring 2006.  Check their website for current information:

State of New Jersey Fire Exam

The State of New Jersey will soon be holding an entry-level firefighter examination.  Check the following link for information:

Don McNea Fire School is in the process of putting together a prep package/seminar for this examination.  Please keep checking our website for the most current information!

12. Preparatory Products

The Ultimate Firefighters Exam Prep Package provides you with the best tools for the entire entry-level examination process - the written, physical agility, psychological, and oral interview

Find out more information at the link below:

Taking a Cooperative Personnel Services (CPS) exam in the future?

Go to the link below for exam prep.


Preparing for an upcoming oral interview exam?

Go to the link below for Capt. Bob Smith's oral interview prep.


Capt Bob's book, Becoming a Firefighter, provides you, step by step, everything you need to know in the process, starting with the application, written, physical, oral, psych interview, background, polygraph, and medical to gain a badge.


Taking a psychological exam in the future?  Don't go into this exam unprepared!  Don McNea Fire School's CD/audio exam preparation will help you prepare!


If you are serious about becoming a firefighter, Don McNea Fire School's Gold Bonus Package will guide you from the application period through the entire testing process including the written exam, physical agility, oral interview, psychological testing and resume preparation.


For those of you having difficulty on the Reading Comprehension & Mathematics portions of examinations, go the link below for help:


Click on the link below to keep current on firefighter examinations and information on the top 150 departments in the country:


Have you recently been hired by a department?  Do you have any questions?  Email us at


We hope this newsletter and upcoming editions will assist you in obtaining the best job in the world - a firefighter.  We wish you the best of luck!


Don McNea Fire School

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