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June, 2009

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Since 1950, Don McNea Fire School's seminars, entry-level and promotional products have prepared over 40,000 applicants in their pursuit of becoming a firefighter or an officer.


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1. Fire Prep Topics of Interest – Beware of the Questionnaire!

2. Job Announcements by

3. Entry Level Exam Prep


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1. Fire Prep Topics of Interest – Beware of the Questionnaire!

When you take the written portion of the psychological test, it sets up a profile. Then interview with the psychologist is to verify the profile and match it to the desired profile to be a firefighter. The wheels can start coming off your wagon during this interview.

Before the interview, the psychologist will often have you fill out a personal family history and additional information form. He can use this information as ammunition to shoot you with. Ironically, the psychologist doesn't always have your background information, or because of time doesn't look at all the information. He relies on the form you fill out. This is why it is so critical that although you want this job so bad, not to create trails where you don't have to.

Unfortunately, if you have a DUI or other mark that can be found you have to put it down. At that point you want to work on a reasonable explanation of what happened, what changed your behavior and who you are now. Practice this explanation with a tape recorder until you have it condensed.

If you have a DUI, it will be a challenge but not impossible to get a fire job. Many psychologists look at any possible addiction to interfere with the pressures of the job. One of our candidates went through drug rehab 5 years ago. Using the above paragraph formula, he passed both the psychological, poly and was hired in Colorado.

If you occasionally drink alcohol and got drunk on your birthday and at a barbecue last summer is one thing. But if you're getting hammered a couple nights a week and on weekends will raise some questions. Please think first if the doctor asks the question how many drinks would you have at a party and still drive home. Anyone who might answer maybe two could send a message that they will drink and drive. No department wants their firefighters being nailed on drunk driving charges. Responsible people arrange for a designated driver.

Thanks to Capt Bob Smith, Entry-Level Author and Speaker, for his great insight into the oral interview process.  Additional information on Capt Bob's CD/DVD Oral Interview Program can be found at the link below:


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3. Job Announcements by

About Since 1996, has been providing its members with the most comprehensive and accurate firefighter employment information available. We list complete hiring information and provide links to the Departments' websites and local area.
Every time we post a new listing, we verify the information and verify links to the department. We search newspapers all over the nation daily to provide you with the most current job listings available.
We also provide links to the city in which the department is located. This helps those who are interested in moving to another location to find out about the area. With this tool, you can check out housing, schools, cost of living and even entertainment options before you move anywhere. 

San Antonio Fire Department
115 Auditorium Circle
San Antonio, TX 78205

Bexar County

210-299-7179 - fax

Position: Firefighter Trainee

Last Filing Date:   June 26, 2009

Applications accepted beginning June 1st, 2009

Requirements: The City of San Antonio Fire Department is recruiting qualified individuals! Applications will be accepted one time this year, June 1st thru June 26th, 2009. If you are looking for an opportunity to have a challenging career and provide safety for the citizens of San Antonio, then you should apply. Minimum qualifications include: must have reached his/her 19th birthday but will not have reached 34 years of age by the time of examination, high school diploma or G.E.D and no felony convictions or other crimes involving moral turpitude. Fire Department members receive benefits including: 15 days of vacation, 12 holidays, insurance at no cost to the member or his/her family—health, dental, optical, legal assistance and life insurance.

For more information visit or call the San Antonio Fire Department Recruiting Division at 210-207-8427.

Contact: San Antonio Human Resources
111 Plaza De Armas
San Antonio, TX 78207


San Antonio Firefighter Exam Preparation!

Don McNea Fire School has prepared an in-depth practice examination for those applicants preparing for the San Antonio Firefighter Examination.  Click here for all the details and ordering information:


City Of South Daytona Fire Dept
1672 S Ridgewood
South Daytona, FL 32121

Volusia County

386-322-3055 - fax

Position: Firefighter/Paramedic

Last Filing Date:   July 3, 2009

Requirements: High School diploma, GED, or other certificate of competency;
State of FL certified Firefighter II;
EMT I & paramedic certification.
Valid FL driver's license.
Starting salary; $38,371.

Applicants MUST BE tobacco free.

Interested applicants may obtain applications online or at the address below:

Contact: City of South Daytona Fire Department
1672 Ridgewood Avenue
South Daytona, FL

Fort Lauderdale Fire and Rescue
300 NW 1st Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Broward County

954-761-5206 - fax

Position: Paramedic/Firefighter

Last Filing Date:   June 26, 2009

NOTE: The duties of this position will include all of those duties set forth in the official job description.

1. Be at least 18 years old.
2. Be a High School graduate or possess a High School Equivalency Diploma (GED) from a recognized issuing agency.
3. Possess a valid Class "D" Florida Driver's License, have a driving record that meets the City of Fort Lauderdale's requirements, and have an E.V.O.C. (16 hour) certificate issued by a certified Florida agency. CEVOI OR II ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.
4. Possess a currently valid Firefighter Certificate of Compliance, Certificate of Statutory Compliance or Certificate of Training issued by the State of Florida.
5. Possess and maintain a currently valid Paramedic License issued by the State of Florida and AHA/ACLS Certificate or equivalent. Failure to maintain a current and valid Paramedic License will be cause for termination.
6. Been a non-smoker/non-user of tobacco (any form) for at least one (1) year prior to application, remain smoke free during employment/application process and agree not to smoke or use tobacco (in any form) on or off duty during the tenure of their employment.
7. Possess, or be able to obtain a Broward County-wide Physical Ability card from Broward Fire Academy.

Starting Salary: $ 46,999.68

Top Salary: $ 65,544.96

Contact: City of Fort Lauderdale, Human Resources
100 North Andrews Avenue, 3rd Floor
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Key West Fire Department
Po Box 1409/1525 Kennedy Drive
Key West, FL 33040

Monroe County

305-292-8284 - fax

Position: Firefighter

Last Filing Date:   June 26, 2026


1. Must be at least 18 years of age.
2. Be a high school graduate or the equivalent. Florida Statute 633.34(1)
3. Possess and maintain both Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician Certificates as issued by the State of Florida.
4. Successfully complete the agility test given by the Key West Fire Department. Test must have been completed no more than twelve months prior to application or hire.
5. Possess a valid State of Florida Class D driver's license.
6. Be in good physical and mental health as supported by a licensed physician's medical examination.
7. Be drug free as determined through controlled substance screening as designated by the City.
8. Have been a non user of tobacco or tobacco products for at least one (1) year and will continue to be a non user of tobacco or tobacco products while either on or off duty. Florida Statute 633.34 (6).
9. Must be of good moral character as determined by background investigation. Florida Statute 633.34(4).

Birth Certificate
Social Security Card
High School Diploma or GED Certificate
Florida class "D" driver's license
State of Florida Firefighter Certificate
State of Florida EMT Certificate
Additional Certifications

Applications will be received by the Human Resources Office, 525 Angela Street, 1st Floor, from date of hiring posting until 4:30pm on the closing date of posting. Applications will only be accepted during an open posting. Preference in appointment will be extended to eligible veterans and, in some instances spouses of eligible veterans. To receive veteran's preference, documentation of status must be submitted at time of application. Applications submitted after the closing date will not be accepted.


Starting Salary: $ 36,246.00

Contact: Key West Human Resources Department
525 Angela Street
Key West, FL 33040

Indianapolis Fire Department
555 North New Jersey Street
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Marion County

317-327-6090 - fax

Position: Paramedic

Last Filing Date:   June 29, 2009

Position Summary:
Position responsible for responding in Department emergency vehicle to the scene of reported medical emergencies. Performs emergency and non-emergency care and transportation. Will provide efficient and immediate life support care to the extent of and within the limits of training, certifications and job descriptions

Job Knowledge, Experience, and Skills Required:
State of Indiana EMT-P (Paramedic) certification required. A valid State of Indiana drivers license. Must have current certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Current certification in advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) or equivalent. Knowledge of and skills in accepted practices, policies, procedures, established protocols for basic and advanced life support. Knowledge of rules / regulations/policies and procedures of the Indianapolis Fire Department. Physical ability to safely lift, with the assistance of a partner, patients who weigh the 95th percentile for the weight of a typical American male, on an ambulance cot. Using appropriate equipment shall carry such patients from their location and lift them into a vehicle, minimizing physical risks to the patient and oneself. Ability to operate sophisticated medical and electronic devices. Ability to assess the medical needs and provide care to patients under a wide array of difficult circumstances. Record and accurately relay information by computer, telephone, radio, in writing and in person. Ability to follow complex verbal and written instructions and conform to established practices, protocols and policies. Good oral and written communication skills with the ability to read technical information and accurately assimilate and use such information. Compassion for patients and empathy with their family and friends, and ability to recognize and appropriately respond to their needs and desires. Knowledge and use of Universal Precautions and other precautions required to minimize the risk of exposure for patients and co-workers to infectious diseases. Ability to maintain confidential information and programs. Ability to drive an emergency vehicle under all conditions. Knowledge of streets and roads of IFD jurisdictional area. Must maintain positive relationships with co-workers, other agencies and Department Staff. Must represent and promote the Fire Department and City of Indianapolis in an exemplary manner at all times. Must demonstrate in all activities, professionalism, good patient care and quality medical transportation services. Must have self-motivation and initiative to seek out and recognize appropriate tasks and responsibilities and carry out, report or assist with appropriate resolutions in the best interest of the Fire Department and City of Indianapolis.

Starting Salary: $ 32,302.40

Contact: Indianapolis Human Resources Department
200 East Washington Street, Suite 1541
City County Building
Indianapolis, IN 46203
fax 317-327-4435 SiteID=631&szOrd

Pontiac Fire Department
123 East Pike Street
Pontiac, MI 48342

Oakland County

248-857-5659 - fax

Position: Firefighter

Last Filing Date:   July 17, 2009


Must have proof of high school diploma, certification of higher education (associates or bachelors degree). Good moral character as determined by a favorable report following a comprehensive background investigation. Applicants must pass written, performance, oral board, visual and physical, and psychological examinations. City residents are preferred. City residency (within 20 miles of municipal boundaries) is a requirement within 12 months of employment.

Must possess upon hire a valid Michigan Operators license. Applicants who currently possess and are able to provide proof of Firefighter I & II certifications, Basic Emergency Medical Technician (BEMT) and Paramedic licenses (AEMT) will be given preference.


Written exam fee $40.00 (Due upon submission of application)
Performance exam fee $40.00 (Due on performance exam date)
Open Date:  October 2, 2007
Closing Date:  Wednesday, October 17, 2007, 5:00 p.m.

Starting Salary: $ 29,600.00

Top Salary: $ 44,762.00

Contact: Pontiac City Hall, Human Resources Department
47450 Woodward Avenue
Pontiac, MI 48342

Currituck County Fire Department
153 Courthouse Road
PO Box 39
Currituck, NC 27929

Currituck County


Position: EMT - Basic/Firefighter

Last Filing Date:   June 26, 2009

High school diploma or equivalent with vocational or technical school training as an Emergency Medical Technician and firefighter. Any equivalent combination of training and experience which provides the required skills for the job functions, knowledge and abilities may be substituted; and Credentialed by the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services as an Emergency Medical Technician as outlined in 10A NCAC 13P .0502; and Basic Life Support, Healthcare Provider (CPR), or equivalent

Residents of North Carolina must have, at a minimum, a valid North Carolina class B driver's license for weighted vehicles; Out-of-state residents must have an equivalent driver's license if applicable.   Be an active member in good standing of a North Carolina fire department. Verification of status is verified semi annually, or upon request of the EMS Chief. Maintain the privilege to practice within the Currituck County EMS system; Technical Scope of Practice evaluation, valid Basic Life Support, Healthcare Provider (CPR) certification, 36 hours of continuing education per year, and successfully pass local written exam.

Emergency vehicle operator certification or equivalent International Trauma Life Support – Basic Level Hazardous Material Awareness and Terrorism – Level I Successfully complete Incident Command System–100, and the National Incident Management System–700 and 800 Completion of Blood borne Pathogens and HIPAA compliance training, and participates in an annual refresher.

Starting Salary: $ 26,820.00

Contact: Currituck County Human Resources Office
153 Courthouse Road
PO Box 39
Currituck, NC 27929
fax 252-232-2141

Kingsport Fire Department
130 Island Street
Kingsport, TN 37660

Sullivan County

423-224-2528 - fax

Position: Firefighter

Last Filing Date:   June 26, 2009

Requirements: $28,802 starting salary
Paid Academy
On-the-job Training Program
Annual Retraining and Certification
All Uniforms and Equipment provided

Applications for firefighter positions are accepted year round. If you are interested in an exciting career in the Fire Department, apply today.

Applications can be obtained from Human Resources at the address below or downloaded from the website.

Starting Salary: $ 28,802.00

Contact: City of Kingsport, Human Resources Department
225 East Center Street
Kingsport, TN 37660
fax 423-224-2474 197233

Covington Fire Department
100 East Robbins Street
Covington, KY 41011

Kenton County

859-431-3315 - fax

Position: Firefighter

Last Filing Date:   June 26, 2009

Starting Salary: $33271.16 - 37890.58

Contact: City of Covington, Human Resources
638 Madison Avenue, Room 430
Covington, KY 41011

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