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November 3, 2009

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Since 1950, Don McNea Fire School's seminars, entry-level and promotional products have prepared over 40,000 applicants in their pursuit of becoming a firefighter or an officer.


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1. Fire Prep Topics of Interest – Scenario Questions?

2. Job Announcements by

3. Entry Level Exam Prep


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1. Fire Prep Topics of Interest – Scenario Questions

You are a rookie firefighter. Your captain tells you to go out and wash his vehicle while you are on duty. You know this is against company policy.....what would you do?

This is a scenario based question. Most of these questions are presented like, "What would you do as a rookie firefighter?"

While sitting in the "Hot Seat "chair after one of these scenario questions has been asked, your job is to dissect the question down into as few words as possible to find the core meaning of what this question is about. Then have a "Nugget" answer you have practiced in advanced with a hand-held voice recorder to satisfy the oral board, get your best score on the answer and cause the board to go onto the next question.

One way to help you do this is picture a piece of paper in your mind with a line drawn down the center. On the left of the line are issues dealing with ethics, such as stealing, drugs, or drinking. With ethical issues, you ask appropriate questions to determine what you suspect.

If true, you don't deviate . . . you go straight up to a supervisor. On the right side of the line is anything to do with getting along with others; you will go to great lengths to work it out before going to a supervisor. If you can decide what side of the line the question belongs, you have a better chance of knowing how to answer the question.

Here's one:

You go in the locker room and see a fellow firefighter drinking something that looks like alcohol. As a rookie what do you do? The clone, soap opera answer would be: I would try to get him into the day room, play cards and try to smell his breath; or I would have him go home sick, or have another firefighter come into relieve him.

These are all soap opera answers. Unfortunately they are taught in fire academies, books with suggested answers and fire technology programs. They will make you a Clone candidate. Don't go on this journey. They are insulting to the oral board. You will loose valuable points here. We are intelligent beings on the other side of the table. Give us credit for that. Don't start a soap opera. Ask a question that would verify your suspicions and give a direct answer; not a soap opera.

Understand that if the oral board fires up a question that sounds like drinking on the job, it's going to be about drinking on the job. If it's a question that sounds like taking drugs on the job, it's going to be about taking drugs on the job; It's not going to be aspirin. If the question sounds like it's about stealing on the job, it's going to be about stealing on the job. If they question sounds like it would violate company policy, that's what the question is asking. If they fire up a question that sounds like sexual harassment, that's what it's going to be about or they wouldn't bring it up.

If they fire-up these questions, take off the disguise ask questions to verify what you suspect, decide what side of the line it belongs on and then take action in fantasyland. Don't be like so many candidates by starting a soap opera.

So take off the disguise that this is your captain. Dissect the question down to its simplest form; one word. What is this about? Right, drinking. What side of the line is this on? Right or left. If it's on the left side of the line what do we do? Drinking is not tolerated. Right again. Ask questions to determine if your suspicions are correct (are you drinking?). If so, you go straight up (why don't we go to our supervisor) no matter who or what rank is on the other side of the table; and stick to your answer no matter what. YOU WILL NEVER BE WRONG! TRUST ME!

Back to your question:

You are a rookie firefighter. Your captain tells you to go out and wash his vehicle while you are on duty. You know this is against company policy.....what would you do?

By dissecting this question apart they are trying to find out about you? Would you violate a company policy? Then, you know the answer. But how do you present it to the panel? Consider this: As my captain are you asking me to violate company policy to wash a vehicle on duty? If he says yes you go ahead and wash the vehicle.

Thanks to Capt Bob Smith, Entry-Level Author and Speaker, for his great insight into the oral interview process.  Additional information on Capt Bob's CD/DVD Oral Interview Program can be found at the link below:


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FREE Practice Examination!

Below is a FREE 50-question practice examination that will help you in preparing for your entry-level firefighter examination.  An answer key can be found at the end of the questions; a step-by-step instructional for the math problems is also included to help you determine how the answers were obtained.


Oral Interview Exam Preparation   

The Number # 1 Selling Oral Interview Prep Program In The Country!!

"Well, I never thought I would be writing this to you, Captain Bob, but it happened to me also.  Just like all those successful stories you have posted, I am another proof that your nuggets work.  I just went yesterday to the Austin Oral Board Interview and I did amazing. Out of a possible 120 pts, I scored 119.87 pts!  I couldn't believe it!  I went in there and it was Show Time.  I personalized my answers. Even one of the panel members went outside to tell me I did really well and shook my hand. And another firefighter said that my score was the highest he had seen. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!" Armando

Go to the link below to Review Capt. Bob's Oral Interview DVD/CD program


Go to the link below for the most comprehensive web page on the internet on How to Become a Firefighter!


2. Job Announcements by

About Since 1996, has been providing its members with the most comprehensive and accurate firefighter employment information available. We list complete hiring information and provide links to the Departments' websites and local area.

Every time we post a new listing, we verify the information and verify links to the department. We search newspapers all over the nation daily to provide you with the most current job listings available.

We also provide links to the city in which the department is located. This helps those who are interested in moving to another location to find out about the area. With this tool, you can check out housing, schools, cost of living and even entertainment options before you move anywhere. 

Firefighter Applicants Frequently Asked Questions and Answers! 

Click on the following link for more questions and answers by the nation's top entry-level authors to gain that competitive edge over your competition!


Chico Fire Department
842 Salem Street
Chico, CA 95928

Butte County

530-895-4931 - fax

Position: Firefighter - Opens November 2, 2009!!

Last Filing Date:   November 13, 2009

Requirements: The City of Chico will be accepting online applications for the position of Entry and Lateral Firefighter from November 2nd through November 13th. Online applications must be submitted through CalOpps, and our recruitment will be limited to the first 500 applicants.

In order to prepare, applicants may register for a personal profile at, however applications will not be accepted until November 2, 2009.

The CalOpps website allows the attachment of one PDF document to online applications.   Therefore, it is strongly suggested that all necessary certificates/ documentation be combined into one PDF document and attached when applying.

If you are unable, our office will accept supplemental documents via email or fax, however applications must be submitted online - no paper applications will be accepted.

Candidates are required to possess a valid Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) Card of Completion issued by the California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee (CFFJAC) as one of the qualifications required.

The CPAT card mustbe issued within 12 months preceding the date of employment. For more information regarding theCPAT, including test schedules, course components, and preparation guides, contact the CFFJAC at, or by calling toll free at 1-877-648-CPAT.

Testing centers are located in Orange, Livermore, and Sacramento, and only offer one orientation, practice, and testing per month.

For other qualifications and requirements, please see the Job Descriptions above. If you have any further questions, please contact the Human Resources & Risk Management Office at (530) 879-7900.

OPENS NOVEMBER 2, 2009 ities/CPATNotification.asp

Additional Department Details:

Annual Budget: $4,700,000.00

Population Served: 50,116

Pinole Fire Department
880 Tennent Avenue
Pinole, CA 94564-1724

Contra Costa County

510-724-9061 - fax

Position: Firefighter/Paramedic

Last Filing Date:   November 10, 2009

Application & Examination Process:

You may apply in person at 2131 Pear Street, or you may request an application be mailed to you by calling (510) 724-9002.

Our application is also available for downloading from our website at

An original City application is required.

You may supplement your application with a resume, but a resume alone will be deemed an improper application. Copies of all certifications and licenses must be attached to application at time of submission.

Applicants appearing to have the best combination of training and experience will be invited to participate in the examination process. The examination process may consist of a written exercise and an oral assessment. The City reserves the right to utilize alternative testing methods if deemed necessary.

Appointment is subject to passing a pre-employment drug screen, fingerprinting and background check.

The final filing deadline for this position is:
November 10, 2009 at 5:00 pm

The ideal candidate will be:

 A high school graduate or equivalent.
 In possession of a CPAT test dated after November 30, 2008.
 In possession of a valid California Paramedic License, ACLS, Trauma Card (PHTLS, or ITLS, or BTLS), and Pediatric Card (PALS or PEPP).
 Experienced with 2 years as a California Paramedic at time of appointment.
 In possession of a valid CPR card.
 Certification from an accredited state FF-1 academy required, and prior coursework in fire science, fire prevention or hazardous materials is desirable.
 In possession of a valid CA driver's license with satisfactory driving record, and able to obtain and maintain a valid CA Class B (Firefighter exempt) Driver's License.

Other requirements:

 Incumbent in this classification must maintain Paramedic Certification during the course of employment.
 This is a non-smoking position.

The Firefighter/Paramedic will enjoy:

A monthly salary of: $5719-$6951-appointment may be made at any step, depending upon qualifications

Degree Pay: After 3 years of employment, $22.50/mo. for Fire Officer Cert. or 30 units. $75/mo. for AA/AS. $150/mo. for BA/BS.

Long Term Disability: City pays total premium.

Social Security: The City of Pinole does not participate in Social Security.

Starting Salary: $ 5,719.00

Top Salary: $ 6,951.00

Contact: City of Pinole
Personnel Department
2131 Pear Street
Pinole, CA 94564

Boca Raton Fire/Rescue Services
2333 W. Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Palm Beach County

561-367-6750 - fax

Position: Firefighter/Paramedic

Last Filing Date:   November 27, 2009

Position Code: 3FRF00
Requisition ID: FR/10-06-09/01870
Date Posted: 10/6/2009
Position Type: Regular Full-Time
Location: Fire
Salary Range (hourly): $45,373/Yr. Cert. FF + $7,202/Yr. Cert. Paramedic
Company: The City of Boca Raton
Department: Fire/Rescue Services
Division: Fire Operations


Professional firefighting/Paramedic duties of a varied nature. Work is performed under general supervision. Does related work as required.

Must be 18 years of age. Graduation from high school or equivalency.

Must comply with NFPA 1982 Standard on Medical Requirements for Fire Fighters and Information for Fire Department Physicians, 2000 Edition, or most current Edition.

Possess a valid State of Florida Class E Driver's license. Certified as a State of Florida Firefighter, State of Florida Paramedic and posses CPR Certification. Must have ability to swim and be tested within the first year of employment.

The employee must be a non-smoker / non-user of tobacco (any form) for at least one (1) year prior to application, remain smoke free during employment/application process and agree not to smoke or use tobacco (in any form) on or off duty during the tenure of their employment.

Must have the use of sensory skills in order to effectively communicate in English and interact with other employees and the public through the use of the telephone and personal contact as normally defined by the ability to see, read, talk, hear, handle or feel objects and controls. Physical capability to effectively use and operate various items of office related equipment, such as, but not limited to a telephone, fire radio, personal computer, calculator, copy machine and fax machine. Must have the physical capability to bend, stoop, stretch, climb (including ladders)

Job Posting TimeFrame: Until Fill
Required Test(s): Candidate Physical Agility Test (CPAT)

Starting Salary: $ 45,373.00

Contact: City of Boca Raton, Human Resources
201 West Palmetto Park Road
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Additional Department Details:

Annual Budget: $27,513,700.00

Population Served: 85,377

Number of Firefighters: 197

Daytona Beach Fire Dept
301 South Beach Street
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Volusia County

386-671-4005 - fax

Position: Firefighter/Paramedic

Last Filing Date:   November 13, 2009

Special Instructions: Position open until filled

Applicants who meet all qualifications may apply in the Employment Services Office at City Hall, 301 S. Ridgewood Ave., Daytona Beach FL. 32114
Office Hours Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Permanent City Employees may be given first consideration for positions.

Firefighter/Paramedic FIRE $592.33 - $1,024.53

* High school diploma or acceptable equivalency diploma
* State of Florida Firefighter Standards Council Certificate of Tenure or Compliance
* Paramedic Certification or currently enrolled as a Paramedic Intern with supportive documentation
* Emergency Medical Technician Certification issued by the State of Florida
* Health Care Provider level CPR Certification
* Emergency Vehicle Operators Course certification
* Valid State of Florida Class "E" driver's license.

Certifications and/or licenses must remain valid for the period of employment in this classification.

Paramedic pay of $4,250. per year in addition to salary range above.

NOTE: If you require reasonable accommodation in order to participate in the application/selection process, please notify the Employment Service Office at least 48 hours in advance of the interview and examination at 671-8210. (TDD 671-8030)


Starting Salary: $ 592.33

Top Salary: $ 1,024.53

Contact: Daytona Beach City Hall
301 South Ridgewood Avenue
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Baton Rouge Fire Department
8011 Merle Gustafson Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70807

East Baton Rouge Parish County

225-354-1427 - fax

Position: EMT - Paramedic

Last Filing Date:   December 31, 2009


High school diploma, GED, or equivalent certificate of competency, supplemented by completion of an approved EMT Paramedic course.

Any equivalent combination of education and experience.

Registration as an Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, and certification by Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Office of Public Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.

Score derived from application grading.

Applications for emergency medical personnel should detail medical treatments administered, reports maintained, client environments served, standards and regulations followed, supervision exercised, training conducted and other such related details.

Starting Salary: $ 36,561.00

Contact: Baton Rouge Human Resources Department
1755 Florida Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
fax 225-389-4962

Ithaca Fire Department
310 W Green Street
Ithaca, NY 14850

Tompkins County

607-272-2793 - fax

Position: Firefighter

Last Filing Date:   December 1, 2009

Exam date: March 6, 2010
Estimated application period: December 1, 2009 - January 27, 2010

Contact: City of Ithaca, Human Resources Department
108 East Green Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
607-274-6539{40239CD6-088E- 4108-A82F-C0778FE8A5F0}&am

Winston-Salem Fire Department
725 North Cherry Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27102

Forsyth County

336-773-7974 - fax

Position: Firefighter

Last Filing Date:   November 13, 2009


Special Requirements:

Discrimination Policy:
The City of Winston-Salem does not discriminate on basis of sex, pregnancy, race, color, religion, nation of origin, age, sexual orientation or disability unless a bonafide occupational qualification exists.

Starting Salary: $ 29,040.00

Contact: City of Winston-Salem
Human Resources Department
101 North Main Street, Suite 53
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Wickliffe Fire Department
29555 Lakeland Blvd
Wickliffe, OH 44092

Lake County

216-943-7144 - fax

Position: Firefighter/Paramedic

Last Filing Date:   November 13, 2009

Special Instructions: OPENS OCTOBER 31, 2009

Requirements: The Wickliffe Civil Service Commission announces an examination to establish an eligibility list for the position of Firefighter-Paramedic. The written portion of the exam is scheduled for Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 9 A.M.

A certificate from the Cuyahoga Community College Firefighters Agility Test will be required. DETAILED INFORMATION ON THE EXAMINATION PROCESS IS AVAILABLE WHEN FILING APPLICATION.

Application must be made in person on the form available at the Wickliffe Fire Station, 29885 Euclid Avenue, Wickliffe, and may be obtained Monday through Friday from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. beginning Monday, October 12, 2009.

COMPLETED APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED beginning Saturday, October 31, 2009 and no Applications will be accepted after 4:00 P.M. on November 13, 2009.

Minimum qualifications for entrance to the examination:
1) Minimum age of 20 to take exam, age 21 before appointment.
2) High School Diploma or GED Certificate.
3) Current Paramedic Certification, State of Ohio and/or National Registry.
4) Current State of Ohio Firefighter II Certification.
5) Citizen of United States.
6) There is a $25 fee payable upon filing application.
7) Before certification for appointment, candidates must successfully pass a written test, agility test, background investigation, truth verification test, psychological evaluation and a medical exam that will include drug and
alcohol screening.


Contact: Wickliffe Fire Department
29885 Euclid Avenue
Wickliffe, OH 44092;_ylt=AjG8l_8.qCzZ5vMYIt4Sbfj6 Q6IX?source=SRP


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Don McNea Fire School


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