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If you would like additional information about the complete LA City testing process, including exam dates, click here:

If you would like complete information on the LA City Firefighter selection process, including exam dates, click here:  Become a Los Angeles Firefighter


In the LA City testing process information, it states that if you fail any step of the process, you will not be eligible to take the exam again for 2 years!  Don McNea Fire School's preparatory package for this examination will guide you through every step of the process to put you in that top percentile to be hired immediately.

To help you prepare for the Los Angeles City Firefighter Examination process, Don McNea Fire School has put together a preparatory package that covers the written and oral testing portions.


Candidates will be scheduled for a written test once they have submitted an on-line application and show current proof of successful completion of the CPAT.  The written test is made up of two parts, Part I and II.

Part I

      of the written test consists of multiple-choice items that measure Reading Comprehension and Mathematics, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ratios, squares, square roots, and use of decimals, fractions, and percentages.

      Don McNea Fire School's Reading Comprehension and Mathematics Book specializes in preparing applicants for this type of examination.  This book will catapult you over your competition, especially for those of you whose math skills are not up to where they need to be in order to score well on this examination.  Our Reading Comprehension and Mathematics Book contains over 200 multiple-choice reading comprehension questions and also over 200 mathematical questions, each with a step-by-step instructional view to show you how each answer is obtained.

Successful candidates who have used Don McNea Fire Schools' Reading Comprehension and Mathematics Book have had this to say:

"Ever since high school, whether I was taking a final exam or my ACTs or SATs, I have always had problems with reading comprehension. About two years ago, I started to pursue a career as a firefighter. One thing constantly stood in my way of scoring well on the examination and that was the reading comprehension. After taking your practice examinations and keeping the test-taking strategies in the back of my mind during the exam, it has allowed me to finish in the top 20 on two consecutive exams (I never even broke in the top 100 before). I now feel my goal of becoming a firefighter is within my reach." Stacy from California.


"Over the last three years, I have taken numerous fire examinations and your book contained every sample of a reading comprehension and math question that I have seen on these examinations. What really helped me was the step-by-step math instructional. Being able to review each math question and determine how to arrive at the answer has really increased my math scores. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is having difficulties with reading comprehension and mathematics. It has made a world of difference in my examination scores." Joe from Arizona.

Part II

      Consists of multiple-choice items regarding job related personal characteristics that are indicators of a successful job performance as a firefighter.  Prepare for this specific testing subject with Don McNea Fire School's Psychological Exam Preparation Audiotape or CD and Workbook.  Applicants are failing this portion of the firefighter examination process at a rate of 40-60%.  Why is that?  Because the number one failure on this type of examination is not knowing what information psychologists are trying to receive from the fire applicant.  In our Psychological Exam Preparation Audiotape or CD and Workbook, we identify major personality traits and characteristics of a successful firefighter and we address specific reasons why candidates with excellent credentials are failing psychological exams.  During this audio presentation, we examine over 60 questions in two formats (true or false and strongly agree, agree, not sure, disagree, strongly disagree) from each of the key personality traits.  With each question, we provide you with suggested answers and explanations that put you in the mindset of what the psychologists are looking for.

Fire candidates who have been successful in the psychological exam process had this to say about our Psychological Exam Prep Program:

"It was quite frustrating to continually finish in the top 10% on the written exam but continue to fail the psychological portion of the exam. I didn't know what I was doing wrong, only that I failed it. After purchasing your program, I realized the mistakes that I was making. Just fine-tuning a couple areas of the personality traits that the psychologists are looking for gave me the edge I needed. I have now completed two psychological examinations, have passed both and am a finalist in those departments." Brad from Ohio.

Thank you for helping me with the psych portion of the written exam. I took a test a year ago without knowing your info and scored in the low 70's. About 3 weeks ago I took that same test and scored a 94% and will be continuing in the process. That following week I took the same exam at my home department and though I do not know my score I have been invited to continue in their process as well. I honestly believe that without knowing the information that you gave me and talking to you on the phone I would not be continuing in the process anywhere. I believe in what you have done for me and therefore I have recommended your material and website to many of the candidates that I have talked to in the past few weeks. I cannot say it enough but THANK YOU! THANK YOU! - Larry From Oregon

"When you state in your psychological program that it puts you in the mindset of what the psychologists are looking for - it certainly did! I never realized that different jobs have different psychological characteristics. I now know what the psychologists are expecting from a firefighter applicant. I feel very confident for my future exams." Mike from Washington.

Oral Interview Preparation

Upon passing the first and second sections of the testing process, 100% of your ranking will be how well you do on the Oral Interview Process.  For those of you that want to continue on obtaining that competitive edge for this portion of the exam, we have put together an LA City Gold Package that also includes Capt Bob's Entry-Level CD/DVD Oral Interview Program.  This program has helped over 2,200 candidates get their dream job.  Capt Bob will prepare you for the most misunderstood and least prepared for portion of the testing process.  There are candidates with great credentials who can't present the package at the interview.  If you can't present the package, you don't get the job.  Never, ever.  Capt Bob will discuss skills and methods that can truly catapult your interview skills.  You may spot the one big "nugget" you are missing in your presentation.  Think of it – you may be too close to see your own gold mine!

The "Nugget Principle" enables applicants to personalize their presentations to separate them from the "clone" candidates.  No one else can tell your story.  Once you start lacing answers with your personal life experiences, no matter if they aren't fire department related, is where you start creating the magic.

Successful candidates who purchased Capt Bob's CD/DVD Oral Interview Program had this to say:

"Well, I never thought I would be writing this to you, Captain Bob, but it happened to me also.  Just like all those successful stories you have posted, I am another proof that your nuggets work.  I just went yesterday to the Austin Oral Board Interview and I did amazing. Out of a possible 120 pts, I scored 119.87 pts!  I couldn't believe it!  I went in there and it was Show Time.  I personalized my answers. Even one of the panel members went outside to tell me I did really well and shook my hand. And another firefighter said that my score was the highest he had seen. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!" Armando

"Capt. Bob – thank you a thousand times over!  I finally got the call on July 21st and start recruit school on September 7th!  I know that I owe it all to your program. With it, I didn't give any clones answers and ended up number two on the hiring list. That is more proof that your program really works. I know I was giving clone answers until I got your product.  With it, I saw the mistakes, corrected them, and nailed my interview. Thank you again!"  Michael C.

"Capt Bob, I received THE call for the firefighter position I was dreaming of. Until three years ago, before I ordered your entry-level tapes, I was not passing interviews.  After receiving your product and viewing them for less than five minutes, I figured out the major mistakes I was making. I know for a fact that I added at least five years to reach my goal of being a firefighter being a typically hardheaded guy. I can heartedly say that I am where I am today because of you, sir.  I can remember day dreaming of what it would be like when and if I got hired. You removed the 'if' and helped me replace it with the 'when' I would receive the offer.  It's better than winning the lottery. Thank you so much!" Firefighter Joe

Something to think about – what other city in America will be hiring hundreds of firefighters each year?  You have to ask yourself whether this investment is worth the possibility of being hired by one of the biggest fire departments in the world.  In the job market today, there are not many employment opportunities that offer the same competitive salary, benefits, chance for advancement, and job security as the career of a Los Angeles City Firefighter offers.


Now it's up to you - you can fall into two categories.  One is the 90% of fire applicants who wait until the last minute to start preparing for the next step in the testing process.  Or, are you going to be in that 10% that starts preparing early and are confident, relaxed and ready to meet the next testing challenge?  That 10% represents most fire applicants that get the job - those that really want it!

Remember…if you fail ANY of the testing portions, you will not be able to test for the Los Angeles City Firefighter process again for TWO years!


LA City Firefighter Exam Prep

We have discounted Don McNea Fire School's Reading Comprehension and Mathematics Book (regularly priced $17.95 + $6.95 s/h) and Psychological Exam Preparation Audiotape or CD and Workbook (regularly priced $29.95 + $6.95 s/h) to only $39.95 + $6.95 shipping/handling – a 25% savings! 

Click here to purchase the LA City Firefighter Exam Prep!

LA City Gold Package

A City Gold Package – includes Don McNea Fire School's Reading Comprehension and Mathematics Book and Psychological Exam Preparation Audiotape or CD and Workbook as well as Capt Bob's Entry-Level CD/DVD Oral Interview Program (regularly priced at $49.95).  If you bought each of these products separately, it would cost you over $110!  This Gold Package is only $69.95 + $6.95 shipping/handling – a 35% savings!

Click here to purchase the LA City Firefighter Exam Gold Package


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