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Five (5) Test Samples


1. In a discussion with another person where I do not agree with their statements, I will interrupt to express my point of view.

(We believe this type of question should be answered as "False")
Good listening skills are very important in a firefighter's career. There will be many times you will deal with people who are highly emotional, unruly, obnoxious, etc., and you must be patient and courteous when dealing with the public, even if you don't agree with them. The key statement in this question is "I will interrupt." You can express your point of view, but allow the individual to express their position first without interrupting them.

2. I believe that meeting people with different backgrounds and cultures can improve me as a person.

(We believe this type of question should be answered as "True")
One of the most important interpersonal characteristics that many of these psychological examinations will try to determine is your cultural and racial sensitivity and tolerance. As a firefighter, you will be continually dealing with people from different races, cultures and backgrounds. You must be the type of person who can learn from these different cultures and backgrounds and make yourself a more complete person and thus a better firefighter.

3. There are times in a social setting when I feel that I should speak up about something that I feel is pertinent and important, but there is something that holds me back from stating my opinion.

(We believe this type of question should be answered as "False")
This type of question differs from those where you will interrupt another person to express your point of view. There will be times on an emergency scene or during normal station operations where your suggestions and contributions will be very important. This type of question is trying to determine if you will be confident enough in yourself to make your opinions known. The key to being a successful firefighter is the ability to work as part of a team. If you feel that something is important and it will improve the performance of the team or department, it is important that you share your ideas.

4. When things are done in the same repetitive manner, I often find myself getting aggravated.

(We believe this type of question should be answered as "False")
Many of the jobs and duties of a firefighter are repetitive in nature. You need to be the type of individual who is willing to do these repetitive jobs and not appear aggravated or frustrated. Over and over you will clean the fire truck and tools, you will do ladder and emergency medical drills, and many other firefighting tasks. These are repetitive tasks, but serve to keep your skills sharp in order to better serve the public.

5. I frequently catch myself daydreaming during the day's activities.

(We believe this type of question should be answered as "False")
The key word here is "frequently." Everyone daydreams, but if you frequently daydream, you are giving the impression that you can't concentrate or keep your mind on a project or task.

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