Fire Promotional Oral Interview Exam Preparation

Lieutenant/Captain/Battalion/District Chief

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Since 1950, Don McNea Fire School has prepared over 60,000 applicants for entry-level and promotional exams.

Don McNea Fire School’s Assessment Center Oral Interview Exam Preparation has been put together by Fire Chiefs who are nationally-recognized authors and who have been assessors for hundreds of fire promotional interviews.

This Assessment Center Oral Interview Examination Preparation package is the most detailed, comprehensive, to-the-point oral exam prep available. We back up that statement with our money-back guarantee – if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of the product cost – no questions asked.

How can we give such a guarantee? Simple! Our Assessment Center Oral Interview Exam Prep package is very detailed and in-depth and has successfully worked for hundreds of promotional candidates across the country.

This Assessment Center Oral Interview Exam Prep package contains:

Over 200 questions on the following topics covering every possible scenario you could face in your promotional oral interview process:

  • Leadership
  • New Officer
  • Dealing with Employee Problems
  • Departmental Challenges/Changes
  • Experience
  • Motivate/Morale
  • Discipline
  • Training
  • Safety
  • Dishonesty/Stealing
  • Unfavorable/Unpopular Policy
  • Updating Policy/Procedures
  • Diversity
  • Customer Service
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Information Technology
  • Productivity/Personal Growth and Development
  • Budget
  • Fireground

In-Depth Promotional Oral Interview Preparation Strategies:

  • Oral Assessment Center Dimensions
  • Job Analysis used for Structuring Your Oral Interview
  • Assessment Center Rating Forms
  • Researching Before your Oral Interview
  • Appearance
  • Entering and Positioning Yourself Before the Oral Interview
  • Practicing your Oral Interview Skills
  • Answering Oral Interview Questions/Developing Solutions/Alternatives
  • Follow-up Questions
  • Wrapping up the Interview

This is not generic exam prep! The primary goal of this exam prep is to help you build a solid foundation from which you can confidently and effectively demonstrate your oral interview skills in solving related issues that may be presented to you during your oral interview.