Reading & Studying the Test Material

30 January 2020
Chief Brent Collins, President,

Reading and Studying the Reference Material

After scanning the material contained in the reference book and getting an idea of what you will be expected to learn, you should now begin reading the material. The first time reading through the material it is suggested that you start with a pencil first and bracket information in paragraphs that you feel is important or star these areas. By doing this the first time through with pencil, when you reread the material the second time you can begin highlighting the material and can erase the pencil marks for areas that you now find are not as pertinent.

It is important that you have an understanding of the material that you are reading. If you come across new or unfamiliar terms within the material, you should look up the definition in the book, if it contains a glossary, or in the dictionary. When studying, concentrate on gaining an understanding of the material that you are reading; do not try to memorize. When you memorize a fact, you will only get a right answer if the question is about a fact.

One of the keys to successful test taking is understanding principles, not memorizing facts. If you understand all of the concepts and principles, you will get all of the questions right. Study as if you had to give a presentation of the material to a class. By doing this, you will concentrate better and will gain a more complete understanding of what you are reading.

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