Five Nuggets for Successful Job Interviews

27 May 2020
Capt. Bob Smith

Five "Nuggets" for Successful Job Interviews

Simple Tools to Uncomplicate the Process 

  1. The job interview is like auditioning for a play.  Do you meet the minimum requirements?  You must know your lines for the part.
  2. To learn your part, make an outline why you want this position, what you have done to prepare, why do you want to work for this agency, etc.  It must be about you; not a clone of someone else. 
  1. The outline will become your script to audition for the part. Practice, rehearse, and over learn the part with the voice/video recorder on your phone until it becomes second nature to you.  This will help prevent stage fright.
  2. With tremendous enthusiasm, use your new role to capture the first 32 seconds of your audition.  This creates its own energy.  Use the six steps in answering the questions.
  3. Don't reiterate in your closing.  Use only the key points not already covered in your script.  Without being boring, tell the interviewers how you really want the job and with your qualifications hope to be considered for the position.  Make a cordial ending.  Then, shut up and get out the building.

We would like to thank Capt Bob Smith for his article and insight.  More information on his programs can be found here.