Why Didn't I Take an Uber?

23 November 2020
Chief Brent Collins, President, www.FirePrep.com

Why Didn’t I Take an Uber?

I can’t tell you the number of individuals who have lost their opportunity to become firefighters because they decided to drive drunk rather than taking an Uber.  They think to themselves – I’m okay; I’ll be fine; I can make it home.

People with firefighter certifications, EMT/Paramedic certification, on eligibility lists to be hired lose that opportunity forever.

Every decision you make – before you are hired, while you are in the Academy, or when you are on the job – will have ramifications, either good or bad.

Today, when Uber and Lyft are readily available, there is NO reason for anyone to get a DUI.  There is no more being pulled over and telling the police officer that you are in the Fire Academy and you’ll get a break.  They don’t care.  If a police officer lets you go and you are involved in an accident, they will lose their job.  They aren’t going to do that just because you decided to drive drunk.

I have one example of an individual who was hired by the Cleveland Police Department.  Graduated on a Friday after seven months in the Cleveland Police Academy.  There was a celebration party afterwards for those who graduated.  This individual decided to drive home and was pulled over by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.  He was given a DUI and was fired on Monday. 

Think about it.  Don’t take a chance on a 25 or 30 year career in which you will have job security and benefits for you and your family because you decided not to call Uber.  It will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Good luck in your pursuit of the greatest job on the face of the earth!  Remember – luck goes to the prepared!