2019 Austin Exam Preparation has SOLD OUT!  

If you could not attend our recent Austin Exam Prep Seminar...

We are offering all the material that was used in the seminar for immediate digital download or it can be mailed to you by priority mail.  The At-home Preparatory Package is included in the Seminar Materials.  Price is $99.

AVAILABILITY:  This material is available to purchase by either Immediate Digital Download or with Priority Mail Shipping up until the time of the exam on May 14-15.  If time is short, choose the Immediate Digital Download option to insure you receive the material in time to adequately study for the exam.


Past results from our Austin seminar class include:

  • 38 of the first 50 on the eligibility list were Don McNea Fire School Austin Seminar Students!

This highly-intensive seminar included a full-length, custom-designed, multiple choice practice examination with over 375 questions covering the following testing subjects for your 2019 Austin Firefighter Examination:

  • Mathematical Computation
  • Mechanical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Memories for Ideas
  • Association Memory
  • Observational Judgment
  • Spatial Orientation
  • Spatial Scanning

We focus on taking in-depth, custom-designed practice examinations for the Memory portion of the Austin examination.  99% of all firefighter applicants have never taken this type of examination!  Our custom-designed memory practice examinations will separate you from your competition and put you in the top percentile to be hired as an Austin firefighter!

Behavioral Exam

Part of your Austin Firefighter Exam will include a Behavioral Examination that includes a Work Experience/Biodata Personality Exam to assess your integrity and work ethic and whether or not you have the personality characteristics of a successful firefighter.  

This is another test component that 99% of applicants have never seen and normally has a failure rate of over 60%.  Don McNea Fire School has key insight into what the assessors are looking for in a successful firefighter candidate.  This material includes an in-depth practice examination for this very important part of your test.

Structured Oral Interview Process

We will discuss in depth the Oral Interview, which is worth 80% of your score!   Our oral prep is over 60 pages of information and will include:

  • Oral rater's dimension guidelines and evaluation scale used by assessors to rate applicants
  • Top performing behaviors to maximize your oral board score
  • Over 30 sample oral interview questions and top-scoring answers

We have dramatically updated our Oral Interview exam prep from our last seminar class!

You will also receive the following bonus materials:

  • Our Top-Scoring Test-taking and Physical Agility Strategies to give you that ultimate edge over your competition.
  • Our Texas Examination Watchlist - a compilation of almost 300 fire departments in Texas that includes department addresses and phone number to enable you to keep up to date on current exams.
  • You will receive the At-home Preparation Package as part of your seminar material.

Your Opportunity

The cost of these seminar preparatory materials is only $99.00!  The At-home Preparation Package material is included.

When considering the cost of this material, view it as an investment in your future or the future of your family! Your investment in this material will actually be returned to you in your first hours as an Austin firefighter!

There are not many employment opportunities that offer the same competitive salary, benefits, chance for advancement and job security as the career of an Austin firefighter does.

At-Home Preparation Package ONLY  

If you prefer, you may purchase the our At-home Preparation Package that includes 100 in-depth multiple-choice practice examination questions specifically developed for the testing subjects for your Austin Written examination.  This package is available for only $49.00 by either Immediate Digital Download or mailed by US Priority Mail.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Memory, Work Experience/Biodata, and Oral Interview portions of your examination will ONLY be covered in the seminar materials.  If you purchase the seminar materials, the At-home Preparation Package is included.   


Testimonials from Successful Students

  • "I wanted to reach out and let you know that because of your awesome class and your knowledge and experience, I have made the cut and been accepted into Class 124 of the Austin Fire Department. This is my first attempt in the hiring process and I have no doubt that I was successful because I participated in your training course – it gave me the edge I needed to stand out. Your material was straight on the point and prepared me every step of the way. I’m truly grateful for your expertise. Because of it, I have been granted the opportunity of a lifetime to be part of the best fire department in the nation!"

  • "After I took the test, I was so glad I had taken the class.  You hit the nail on the head on the memory portion and really cleared up some of the personality questions that I definitely would have struggled with on the exam."

  • "Overall, a great seminar.  It helps when the instructor is a Chief Officer who has the right experience and insight into Austin's fire exam.  The Chief was very credible and I will highly recommend this class to my friends in the future."
  • "The class was worth every penny.  I really want to be part of the Austin Fire Department and your school was just what I needed when the test date came around.  Thanks again for all your help and the great study material."

Our best testimonials come from current Austin Firefighters who have been successful by taking our classes over the last 17 years. If you are not sure whether or not to purchase our materials, we ask that you talk to an Austin firefighter who has successfully prepared with us in the past.

Our Final Thoughts…

You have to ask yourself the following question ~ Will I be adequately prepared for the memory and Work Experience/Biodagta Personality Exam portions of the exam to put me in the top percentile to be hired as an Austin firefighter?  Do you know what to expect from your Structured Oral Interview that's worth 80% of your score?  Don McNea Fire School will be focusing on these most important testing subjects.

What we can tell you is that by practicing with our over 375 custom-designed practice examination questions and our Structured Oral Exam Prep, you WILL dramatically increase your chance of becoming an Austin firefighter. Our past successful results for the City of Austin prove that!

We have been conducting preparatory classes since 1950; this is what our business specializes in.

If you feel at this time that you are adequately prepared for this examination, we wish you the best of luck. If you want that extra edge over your competition that our seminar materials will provide, this is for you!  Remember that luck goes to the prepared!

If you have any questions, you may contact us at 440.572.3919.