2021 Columbus, OH, Firefighter Exam

100-150 Firefighters to be hired from this exam!

The City of Columbus will be accepting applications for the 2021 Firefighter Examination Process from February 1 to February 28, 2021.

Through June 12, 2020, you may register to prequalify for the Firefighter Written Exam by clicking the link HERE.  This will give you the opportunity to take the written exam in advance of the regular testing dates.  You will be offered several test dates and times and may schedule the test date that best fits your schedule.

If you take the prequalification exam and do not pass, you will still have an opportunity to take and pass the exam later this year and during the regular testing period in 2021.

Remember that if you take and pass this written exam phase, you will still need to apply for the exam during the February 2021 application period, quality for the test and take the oral (FOAM) and physical exam phases.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you took and passed the Written Exam in 2019, you DO NOT have to take it again for the 2021 exam process.  

For more information on the complete hiring process and to download the 2021 Columbus Firefighter Exam Study Guide, click on the following link:


2021 Columbus Preparatory Seminar

For the 11th consecutive exam, we will  again be conducting a seminar for the 2021 Columbus Firefighter Examination.  We have dramatically updated our FOAM exam preparation from our 2019 class and are in the process of setting dates for our upcoming 2021 seminar - check this page often for details, upcoming dates and registration information!   

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