2022 Columbus, OH, Lieutenant Promotional Exam Prep

Since 1950, Don McNea Fire School has specialized in preparing over 60,000 applicants for entrance and promotional examinations across the country.  Over the last 30 years, hundreds of current Columbus Firefighters and Officers have been successfully prepared through our entry-level and promotional seminars. 

1,600 Question Custom-designed Written Exam Preparation

This written exam preparatory package will include practice exams of over 1,000 questions on the following source material for your Columbus Fire Department Lieutenant promotional exam:

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Division of Fire Systems Manual
  • Supervisor’s Manual for Testing
  • Union Contract
  • Step Up and Lead

These testing subjects will account for 75% of the questions on your upcoming written promotional examination. 

With the SOPs also being part of your tactical exam, we went very in-depth and developed over 500 questions!

Fireground Strategies, 3rd Edition, Anthony Avilla

  • We have over 600 in-depth questions covering the Fireground Strategies
  • We have also included an outline of the book for areas that we consider important that could be used for your tactical exam.
  • With this book as well as the SOPs also being part of your tactical exercise this year, we went very in depth in developing questions for this material.

You won’t find custom-designed exam prep for this portion of your exam anywhere else! These examinations will give you an indication of which material you must concentrate your studies for your remaining preparation period.

Even if you don’t buy our preparatory material, you can download our FREE top-scoring study techniques and strategies that have proven successful for thousands of promotional candidates - click HERE!

Tactical Exam Prep

 We have put together over 25 custom-designed multiple-choice tactical scenarios from your SOPs and Fireground Strategies book.  Remember that the tactical portion of your exam will be worth 50% of your score.

Oral Exam Prep

As stated in the Civil Service informational session, the oral exam will be different from the past.  Although there will be role plays, there will be no interaction with live role players. There will also be structured interviews, presentations and/or a combination of these as part of your oral exam.  Our prep will cover all of your Oral Exam test components.  

We have very in-depth test-taking strategies and you will practice with over 45 different scenarios to help fine tune your abilities on this portion of the exam that is worth 25% of your score.  This Oral Exam Prep also includes our 75-page of strategies and practice examinations for subordinate counseling.

The Oral Exam Prep will be sent to you no later than January 6th for your March 10th oral board exam. 

This portion of the exam prep is only available to those students who purchase the complete exam prep package – we will not be offering the Oral Exam Prep to other applicants after the Written and Tactical Exams. 

Class Results

Although we haven’t done a Columbus Promotional Class in a while, these are the results from one of our past exam preps:

  • Lieutenant 27 of the top 40 were Don McNea Fire School students
  • Captain 13 of the top 17 were Don McNea Fire School students
  • Battalion Chief 6 of the top 8 were Don McNea Fire School students

For the last 30 years of conducting Cleveland promotional classes which included a written, tactical and subordinate counseling/oral exam, we have had over 88% of our students finish in the top 40 on the Lieutenant and Captain eligibility lists!

You can place your confidence in Don McNea Fire School where experience matters most when it comes to preparing for your promotional.

Final Thoughts

For those of you who attended our entry-level seminar when you were preparing for the Columbus Firefighter Exam, you know the attention to detail that we put into our preparatory material.  We have done the same for our Columbus Promotional Exam prep.

REMEMBER - Based on the combined score of Phase I and Phase II, only a maximum of 90 candidates will be moving on to the Oral Phase.  Our custom-designed in-depth exam prep material will help you be not only one of those 90 candidates but a top-scoring candidate.   

With over 200 firefighters signed up to take this Lieutenant promotional exam, competition will be very intense - you need every edge you can get! 

As an added incentive, anyone who purchases this exam prep package and finishes in the top 5 on the Lieutenant examination will receive 25% of their money back!

Your Opportunity

Normally we charge well over $1,000 for this type of in-depth, custom-designed promotional exam prep.  Because so many of you have attended our entry-level seminars and made referrals to our school over the years, we are discounting the price of our exam prep for the written, tactical and oral examination preparation by over 50% to only $495.00! 

Think about it…you will receive practice examinations for 100% of your Columbus Promotional Examination for only $495.00! 

When considering the cost of this material, view it as an investment in your future or the future of your family!  Your investment will actually be returned to you in your first two weeks as a Columbus fire officer and you will reap the benefits the rest of your career! 

NO ONE will be turned away due to financial constraints.  This company is run by chief officers who WANT you to get promoted within the Columbus Fire Department.  We have easy, no interest, 6 payment plans available – you will pay only $82.50/month!  If interested, contact our office at 440.572.3919 (not available online) or email us at DMFireSchool@gmail.com.

Please note that there are no refunds after you purchase this promotional exam prep. 

The Written and Tactical Exam Preps will be mailed to you by US Priority Mail (2-3 day mailing time).  The Oral Exam Prep will be mailed to you no later than January 6th for your March 10th oral board.

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