Capt. Bob's Firefighter Oral Interview Exam Prep & Psychological Exam Prep Package #4

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Capt. Bob's Firefighter Psychological/Oral Interview prep Package #4 Includes:

  • Capt Bob’s Conquer the Job Interview
  • Don McNea Fire School & Capt Bob’s Psychological Written & Psychological Oral Exam Prep

Capt. Bob's Conquer the Job Interview – the #1 Selling Oral Interview Exam Prep in the Country!

The firefighter entry-level job interview is one of the most misunderstood and least prepared for portion of the testing process. I've seen candidates with great credentials, but can't present the package at the interview. And, if you can't present the package, you don't get the job…period! Never! Ever!

Capt Bob will teach you how to get bonus points by personalizing your answer. The "Nugget Principle" enables firefighter interview applicants to personalize their presentations to separate them from the "clone" candidates. No one else can tell your story. Once you start lacing answers with your personal life experiences, no matter if they aren't fire department related, is where you start creating the magic.

If you don't know how to establish yourself and the other essential skills needed to score high enough, you might as well not show up. You're dead meat! The goal is to convince the firefighter oral board that you can do the job before you get it. Stories demonstrate your experience. They tell the board that you not only know the answer to an oral board question, you have already lived it.

Don McNea Fire School & Capt Bob’s Psychological Written and Oral Interview Exam Preparation

The Firefighter Psychological Examination is a key component of the hiring process in which 40-60% of applicants are failing! Why is that? Because the number one failure on Psychological Examinations is not knowing Don McNea Fire School & Capt Bob’s Psychological Written & Oral Exam Preparation – This program gives you the inside of what the psychologists are looking for in successful fire candidates. In this 40-page workbook, we examine over 80 questions from each of the key personality traits of a firefighter. With each question, we provide you with suggested answers and explanations to put you in the mindset of what the psychologists are looking for.

Candidates who are using our program are going from failure to passing and scoring over 95 percent on the psychological examination and proceeding to the next phase of the hiring process.

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